[NEW] Switch across multiple button assignments

In the latest version 6.7, the new feature was added to assign the function from other buttons. For example, it is possible to do the followings. When Button1 is pressed for a short duration, rotate t[...]

[NEW] Support the “Share” button on XBox Series X/S controller

In XBox Series X (S), a new “Share” button was added in the controller. However, at this moment this “Share” button somehow doesn’t seem to be recognized by Windows espec[...]
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[Beta] Want to Disable Logging?

JoyToKey by default generates a log file named “joyToKey.log” in your profile folder. In case of issues, it’s useful for trouble shooting, but as long as it’s working okay, you[...]

Pasting pre-defined text and variables

In the new beta version, a new feature is added to paste a pre-defined text to the target application when a joystick button is pressed. In the pre-defined text, if you want to mention the current dat[...]

[NEW] Configuration data is lost after upgrading JoyToKey version

Before JoyToKey version 6.3, configuration files were stored in the folder where JoyToKey.exe was placed (installed). After JoyToKey version 6.3, user configuration data is now stored in your “D[...]
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[Tips] How to trigger multiple key strokes with one button press?

In case you want to trigger multiple key strokes with a single button press, go to “Keyboard 2″ tab and select the mode “Execute from [Input1] to [Input4] in sequence at the specifie[...]

[Tips] How to change the key assignment based on the analog stick input level?

When playing games with a keyboard, simply assigning W.A.S.D keys to an analog stick input may not be ideal because many games can differentiate walk and run (or sprint or slowly walk) by using differ[...]

[Tips] How to emulate a key input exactly for the specified duration (in msec)?

By default, JoyToKey emulates a key input as long as the corresponding button is pressed on the controller. But in some cases, you may want to emulate a key input only for the specified duration such [...]

How to use JoyToKey?

If you’re new to JoyToKey, please try to use it for a simple software like Notepad. Start JoyToKey In the right panel, double click “Button 1” row. Press ‘A’ key and it&#[...]

[Tips] Button Alias #2: How to emulate a double-tap input by just pressing a gamepad button once?

Some games require directional keys (e.g. W,A,S,D) to be tapped twice quickly (and hold) to make the character run fast instead of walk. Can I emulate such an input by just pressing the gamepad button[...]

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