Can I use SHIFT-key function for games which have native joystick support?

JoyToKey has a powerful feature SHIFT-key (virtual joysticks) to switch button assignments during a pre-defined button press.
You may want to use this functionality for games which have native joystick input support. Would that be possible?

Let’s assume buttons 1 to 6 have their original game settings, but when you press button 7, you want to switch the button 1-6 assignments to the ones configured in JoyToKey as joystick #2.

If you configure button 7 + 2 for getting a special effect (e.g. jump) from JoyToKey and press button 7 + 2, the game is likely to receive not only the special effect from JoyToKey but also the original setting for button 2 (e.g. booster).

Duplicate Input Sent

Is it possible to disable the original effect for button 2, when button 7 + 2 are pressed? – Possibly (but try it at your own risk).

Firstly, if the game provides the configuration details to disable the joystick input, that’ll be the simplest solution.

However, if there is no way in the game to disable the native joystick input processing, it gets a bit tricky.

If you have an old unused joystick, it may be worth to connect it to the PC as the first device.
And next, connect your current joystick as the second device.

Then, your game is likely to try to receive the input from your connected-but-unused joystick,
and there is a chance that the game input could be solely controlled from JoyToKey through keyboard simulation.

Connect a Dummy Joystick

What if you don’t have an extra joystick?

There is an application called “vJoy”, and by installing it,
you can pretend to have one or more virtual joystick devices. That way, you can shift your physical joystick
as the 2nd or the 3rd device, which has a higher chance to be ignored by your target game.

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