[Tips] Configure up to 50 joysticks and 128 buttons!

Surprisingly, there are demands from users who want to configure a huge number of buttons joysticks in JoyToKey like 128 buttons! So here comes the new beta version, which allows the configuration up [...]

[Tips] Support for assigning multi-media keys such as volume control

Version 6.0 supported additional key code emulations such as * volume control * media control (prev, next, play, stop) * SCROLL LOCK Version 6.0 also changed the key emulation code for arrow keys, R-A[...]
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How to use JoyToKey?

If you’re new to JoyToKey, please try to use it for a simple software like Notepad. Start JoyToKey In the right panel, double click “Button 1” row. Press ‘A’ key and it&#[...]

Button mapping for XBox controller

JoyToKey supports XBox One and XBox 360 controller, including the silver guide button. Here is the button list mapping for XBox controller: Stick 1 = left analog stick Stick 2 = right analog stick POV[...]

Some of my buttons or sticks are not recognized by JoyToKey

JoyToKey should be able to support any buttons or sticks as long as they are recognized by Windows. In other words, if buttons/sticks are not recognized by Windows, JoyToKey will not be able to recogn[...]
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My stick input is too sensitive (or my cursor automatically moves)

You may want to check and recalibrate the center of your analog sticks. Please go to the game controller property from Windows control panel (or from JoyToKey menu: “Settings” -> “Co[...]

How to emulate a key input with a Ctrl (or Alt) key held down?

If you want to emulate a key input while Ctrl (or Alt or Shift) key is held down, please assign Ctrl (or Alt or Shift) at the top most box, and the other key at the box below. For example, “Ctrl[...]

I have multiple controllers and their number (ordering) sporadically changes

In case you have multiple game controllers, ideally their joystick number should be stable like below: Xbox controller -> Joystick #1 Pedal controller -> Joystick #2 However, depending on how the devi[...]

Associating a profile with an application does not work

In order to associate a profile, JoyToKey needs to be able to detect the title and file path of the target application. However, in case the target application is running at a higher access privilege,[...]

Registration key and configurations are not saved properly after PC is restarted

License key can be registered from menu: “Help -> Register License Key” But after a PC restart, you may find that the license key (or any other configuration change) was not save properly.[...]

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