[Tips] How to emulate a double-tap input by just pressing a gamepad button once?

Some games require directional keys (e.g. W,A,S,D) to be tapped twice quickly to make the character run fast instead of walk.

Can I emulate such an input by just pressing the gamepad button once?

Yes, it is possible, but a bit convoluted…

  • Firstly, use the Button Alias feature to combine two assignment definitions for a single button. In the screenshot below, both Button1 and Button21 will be triggered when Button1 is pressed.

  • Next, configure one button to only trigger the target action for a short duration (e.g. 20 msec), by only assigning “Input1” for a sequential execution.

  • Finally, configure the other button to only trigger the target action after a certain duration (e.g. 100 msec), by assigning “Input2” only.

With these configurations, when a gamepad button is pressed, the target action will be

  1. immediately pressed for 20 msec
  2. then released
  3. and then pressed again after 100 msec
  4. and will be hold until a gamepad button is released
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