How to configure analog stick to be ‘left-mouse-click + mouse-movement’ by default but sometimes mouse-movement only?

When you type from keyboard, you can control between small letters and capital letters by pressing SHIFT key.

JoyToKey provides a similar SHIFT key feature (also called virtual joystick feature) such that you can change the key/mouse assignment while a certain button is pressed in the joystick.

For example, let’s assume you’re playing some game (e.g. World of Warcraft) where player movement is controlled with ‘left click + mouse-movement’, while simple mouse-movement without mouse click is used for controlling the inventory.

Then, you can use the following configurations in JoyToKey:

  1. Increase the number of joysticks to configure from “Option” tab (e.g. up to 3)
  2. Copy the configuration from Joystick #1 to Joystick #3 to make them identical (Right-click menu on Joystick #1 header tab)
  3. Change the configuration of Joystick #1 as follows
    • Analog stick => left mouse click + mouse movement
    • Button 3 => virtual joystick feature to switch to Joystick #3
  4. Change the configuration of Joystick #3 as follows
    • Analog stick => mouse movement only

Then, depending on whether the Button 3 is pressed, configuration will be switched between Joystick #1 and Joystick #3. In other words, Button 3 behaves like pressing SHIFT key in keyboard to control capital letters vs small letters. (In this case, to control whether a left mouse button is pressed or not)

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