[NEW] Configuration data is lost after upgrading JoyToKey version

Starting from JoyToKey version 6.3, user configuration data is stored in your “Documents/JoyToKey” folder by default.

This change was made to avoid unnecessarily hassles where users could not locate the configuration files or could not save them properly due to folder permission issues.

In case you previously installed and used JoyToKey from a different folder location, please copy the configuration files (JoyToKey.ini and *.cfg files) from the old “JoyToKey” folder to your “Documents/JoyToKey” folder.

In case you want to restore the old behavior

Before version 6.3, configuration files were stored and loaded from the folder where JoyToKey.exe was placed.

In case you want to restore that behavior,

  1. Please delete (or rename) “JoyToKey” folder in your “Documents” folder so that JoyToKey will not load those files
  2. Then, copy the newly installed JoyToKey files to your old “JoyToKey” folder where you had the old JoyToKey program with configuration files. For that, go to the folder “C:\Program Files (x86)\JoyToKey\” and copy JoyToKey.exe, VistaAPI.dll, Changes.txt and Readme.txt into the old JoyToKey folder. Alternatively, you can download JoyToKey in ZIP archive format and unzip them in your old JoyToKey folder.
  3. Launch JoyToKey.exe from the folder chosen in step 2

In the future version upgrade, you can simply download JoyToKey in ZIP archive format instead of a self installer format, and unzip the file in your chosen folder location.

Use custom folder location (For advanced users)

In case you want to store your configuration data in a different folder, JoyToKey supports the following folder locations.

  1. File path from a command line argument
  2. Folder override from Registry
  3. User’s ”Documents/JoyToKey” folder
  4. The folder where JoyToKey.exe program is located (for backward compatibility)

The combination of the first method and the second method would be useful in case you use some launcher program (such as RocketLauncher and Hyperspin) to start JoyToKey by passing a profile path as a command line argument, while storing/loading the license information in the single location. Please refer to this page for more details

The 3rd case is the default behavior for new installations since version 6.3.

The 4th case is for backward compatibility. In order to resurrect this behavior, please delete (or rename) “JoyToKey” folder in your “Documents” folder as described earlier in this page.

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