[NEW] JoyToKey version 7.0.0 released!

A major update of JoyToKey version 7.0.0 is finally released!

DarkMode and Button Template support

This version includes several new features such as

  • Support for the dark mode
  • Support for high DPI display
  • On the joystick tabs, device names will be displayed by default.
    • Users can also edit the device name for their convenience (Right-click on the tab, and select “Edit the display name for this device”)
    • Besides, users can also specify the tab name for virtual joysticks (aka SHIFT function), for example, “While LB pressed”. (Right-click on the tab, and select “Specify the tab name”)
  • Button display template
    • For each joystick device (or tab), you can configure the button display names from the right-click menu (or from the device configuration menu)
      like “A”, “B, “X”, “Y”, … , instead of “Button 1”, “Button 2”, …
  • In the device configuration window, added the functionality to delete an old (not connected) device configuration
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