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[NEW] JoyToKey version 7.0.0 released!

A major update of JoyToKey version 7.0.0 is finally released! This version includes several new features such as Support for the dark mode Support for high DPI display On the joystick tabs, device nam[...]

[TIPs] Switch across multiple button assignments

Since version 6.7, the new feature was added to assign the function from other buttons. For example, it is possible to do the followings. When Button1 is pressed for a short duration, rotate the input[...]

Support the “Share” button on XBox Series X/S controller

In XBox Series X (S), a new “Share” button was added in the controller. However, at this moment this “Share” button somehow doesn’t seem to be recognized by Windows espec[...]

[Beta] Want to Disable Logging?

JoyToKey by default generates a log file named “joyToKey.log” in your profile folder. In case of issues, it’s useful for trouble shooting, but as long as it’s working okay, you[...]

Pasting pre-defined text and variables

In the new beta version, a new feature is added to paste a pre-defined text to the target application when a joystick button is pressed. In the pre-defined text, if you want to mention the current dat[...]

[Tips] Automatically detect more controllers up to a specified count

In case JoyToKey is started when no controller is connected, JoyToKey tries to automatically detect devices until one controller is connected. But some users may want to continue the auto detection un[...]

[Tips] Passing parameters when launching an external program

Thanks to the great ideas from Hellish Victor, a new beta version is available now with the following convenient features: When you assign a function to launch an external program you can pass program[...]

[Tips] Configure up to 50 joysticks and 128 buttons!

Surprisingly, there are demands from users who want to configure a huge number of buttons joysticks in JoyToKey like 128 buttons! So here comes the new beta version, which allows the configuration up [...]

[Tips] Support for assigning multi-media keys such as volume control

Version 6.0 supported additional key code emulations such as * volume control * media control (prev, next, play, stop) * SCROLL LOCK Version 6.0 also changed the key emulation code for arrow keys, R-A[...]
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