Basic Features of JoyToKey

Main Window

You can create multiple profiles in the left panel. Right panel shows the button-key assignments for the selected profile.

In the example below,

  • Sticks are assigned to arrow keys
  • When "Button 1" is pressed, key input "X" will be emulated

Button Assignment Window

For each joystick button, you can assign a keyboard or a mouse function. For keyboard emulation, it can be a single keyboard input ('X' key in the example below, or it can be a combination of multiple keys like Alt+F4, or it can be a special purpose key such as "PRINT SCREEN" key. Similarly, mouse emulation mode will enable you to assign mouse cursor or wheel or left/middle/right click inputs.

Joy2Key: Joystick button 1 is assigned to a key 'X'

Auto Setting Wizard

Auto Setting Wizard will help you to finish basic key assignments in less than a minute!

Joy2Key: configure key assignments for gamepad's buttons in sequence

Associate profiles to target applications

JoyToKey can automatically switch an active profile based on the current focused application. (Menu: Settings -> Associate profiles with applications...)

Application link screen: Associate a profile for a certain application path

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