Some of my buttons or sticks are not recognized by JoyToKey

JoyToKey should be able to support any buttons or sticks as long as they are recognized by Windows. In other words, if buttons/sticks are not recognized by Windows, JoyToKey will not be able to recognize them.

Therefore, please check the joystick property from Windows control panel (or JoyToKey menu: “Settings” -> “Configuration joysticks” -> “Configure Game Controller Property”).

In game controller property window, you will be able to verify how buttons/sticks are recognized by Windows. If a button or a stick is not recognized by Windows, unfortunately JoyToKey will not be able to process them.

If the stick is recognized by Windows but not by JoyToKey, please check the axis mapping from menu: “Settings” -> “Configure joysticks”. In this window, you can configure the axis mapping for Stick1 and Stick2.

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