[TIPs] Button Alias #1: Assign more shortcuts beyond the number of buttons

JoyToKey has a function called “Button Alias” (or Button Mapping). It’s very powerful and can be used for two different scenarios:

  • Assign more (virtual) buttons beyond the number of buttons physically available
  • Assign multiple functions for one button input

This page explains how the first scenario can be used. The 2nd scenario is explained further in the other page.

Example: Use D-pad (POV) as a 4-way (or 8-way or 16-way or more!) shortcut

4-way: For example, you may be using D-pad (POV) as a 4-way shortcut, meaning you define keyboard shortcuts for up, down, left and right.

8-way: JoyToKey allows you to use it as a 8-way input by enabling “Configure 8-way for POV (default 4-way)” in “Options” tab.

16-way or more: “Button Alias” function allows you to double/triple it further by combining with a different button. In order to use it, please go to “Options” tab and “Button Mapping“.

Button Alias (Mapping)

For example, in the screenshot below, Button21 is defined as the combination of POV-up and Button5 input. Similarly, Button31 is defined as the combination of POV-up, Button5 and Button6 input.

In other words, 24-way shortcuts can are defined as follows

  • default 8-way shortcut (POV up, down, …) when POV is pressed without Button5
  • additional 8-way shortcut (Button 21-28) when POV is pressed with Button5
  • yet another 8-way shortcut (Button 31-38) when POV is pressed with Button5 and Button6
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