[Tips] Button Alias – Combine multiple definitions for a single button press

You may want to configure a combination of multiple input definitions for a single button press. For example, “SHIFT + Mouse Wheel” for a horizontal scroll.

Is that possible in JoyToKey?

Yes, it is.

For assigning multiple functionalities to a single input, you can use the button alias (mapping) functionality from “Options” -> “Configure Button Alias (Mapping)…”.

For example, in the screenshot below, button19 is configured to be triggered when stick-left is pressed. Therefore, if you configure stick-left as a SHIFT key and Button19 as a wheel rotation, “SHIFT + wheel rotation” will be emulated when stick-left is pressed.

It is also possible to configure some button (e.g. Button22) to be triggered only when both Button5 and Button6 are pressed simultaneously. Then, you can assign 3 different functionalities for two buttons: Button5 alone, Button6 alone, and another case when both Button5 and Button6 are pressed.

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