Button assignment for a certain key doesn’t work (such as ALT, CTRL key)

You may find that JoyToKey works well for most cases, but the key emulation somehow doesn’t work for a certain key such as ALT or CTRL or arrow keys.

In Windows, there exist a few different key codes for certain keys such as CTRL or ALT or arrow keys. So depending on the target application, a different key code may be expected.

In such case, it may be worth to try other key codes to see if that works.

In the button assignment window, go to “Assign special key codes” section in Keyboard tab, and you’ll see a few variations like “L-Alt”, “R-Alt”, and “R-Alt (for Direct Input)”.

Assign special key codes for ALT emulation

Select one of them and press “Assign” button to use the specific key code.

Alternatively, you can “right-click” on the assignment text box to select the special key assignments.

Right click to assign a special key code

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