[FAQ] Cannot reopen JoyToKey window after minimizing it

The behaviour when JoyToKey is minimized can be changed from preference menu. For example,
* JoyToKey can be started in a minimized mode, without showing a main window
* JoyToKey can be hidden from taskbar when it’s minimized

In above configurations, you may find difficulty in finding and reopening JoyToKey window.

As long as JoyToKey is running, its icon should be available in task tray area (at the right bottom of windows). Find it and click it and JoyToKey window should re-appear.

Last resort – Directly edit the configuration file

If you cannot find the icon in tasktray, you could do the followings as a last resort:
1. JoyToKey from task manager
2. Open the folder you placed JoyToKey.exe file
3. Open the file named “JoyToKey.ini” in some editor (like Notepad is fine). Then, find a line which starts with “StartIconified” and set its value to false.
4. Save the file, and start JoyToKey again

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