Cannot find or reopen JoyToKey window after minimizing it

When JoyToKey window is minimized, it may disappear from task bar. But as long as JoyToKey is running, its icon should be available in task tray area (at the right bottom of Windows desktop). Find it and click it and JoyToKey window should re-appear.

The behaviour of how JoyToKey should be displayed when it’s minimized can be changed from the preference menu (Settings -> Preferences). For example,

  • JoyToKey can be started in a minimized mode, without showing a main window
  • JoyToKey icon can be shown or hidden in the taskbar when it’s minimized

In case you want to keep JoyToKey as visible as possible, the recommended setting is shown below.

Still cannot find JoyToKey?

Try restarting Windows, to ensure that JoyToKey is started from fresh next time.

Last resort – Remove JoyToKey.ini file, and restart everything

If you cannot find JoyToKey icon in task tray, or clicking the icon doesn’t help, please try the followings.

  1. Restart Windows, and ensure there is no running instance of JoyToKey
  2. Go to JoyToKey configuration folder in Explorer. In recent versions, configurations are stored in your Document’s “JoyToKey” folder by default. In order versions, it’s the folder you installed JoyToKey.exe file
  3. Rename “JoyToKey.ini” file to some other name (e.g. “JoyToKey_backup.ini”)
  4. Start JoyToKey
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