Registration key and configurations are not saved properly after PC is restarted

License key can be registered from menu: “Help -> Register License Key”

But after a PC restart, you may find that the license key (or any other configuration change) was not save properly.

If you encounter such an issue, right after registering the license key or making any other configuration change again, please try to exit from JoyToKey once from menu action (“File -> Exit”). And then start JoyToKey again to see if registration / updated configurations are still kept.

If that does not help, there may be some file system permission issue for the data folder.

Make sure JoyToKey zip file is uncompressed

In case you downloaded JoyToKey as zip archive format (, don’t simply double-click it to execute JoyToKey. Instead, right-click the zip file and uncompress it in some folder where you have write access to. For example, it could be uncompressed and placed on your desktop or documents folder or anywhere you have write access to.

Write access to the installed folder

Starting from JoyToKey version 6.3, configuration data is by default stored in user’s Documents/JoyToKey folder.

But in case you have an older version, or installed it from a zip archive file, configuration files are saved in the same folder as “JoyToKey.exe”. In that case, the installed folder must be write-able. Please follow the steps below and double check that the folder and the configuration files are NOT marked as read-only. (Note: in case it’s installed in some folder, please also check and make sure that parent folders are also not marked as read-only)

  1. Please open the installed folder in the Explorer. (You can easily do so from JoyToKey menu: “File -> open file folder in Explorer”)
  2. Check if there exists a file named “JoyToKey.ini”
    • If “JoyToKey.ini” exists, right-click the file to open the context menu and select “Property”
    • Make sure the file is NOT marked as read-only
  3. If “JoyToKey.ini” file doesn’t exist, the folder is likely to be write protected
  4. Please go to the parent folder, and right-click the installed folder to open the “Property” from a context menu
  5. Make sure the folder is NOT marked as “read-only”
  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for all parent folders

If above still doesn’t help, please try to unzip (extract) JoyToKey zip file in the folder you definitely have write access such as desktop or your documents folder. And then start JoyToKey, register it, and exit it once from menu action. Then start it again to see if registration status is kept.

For advanced users: store configurations in a different location

Alternatively, you can forcibly change the folder to store the configurations through registry setting. For example, you may want to share the configuration files across multiple users. For more details, please refer to this post.

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