JoyToKey version 6.2 released

JoyToKey version 6.2 includes the following changes:

  • Support up to max 50 joysticks (previously 32 joysticks)
  • Support up to max 128 buttons (previously 32 buttons)
  • Enhanced an execution of an external program to be able to
    • pass command parameters
    • specify the starting working directory
  • In the button assignment window, added navigation buttons to go to the next and the previous assignment.

Detailed configuration for the auto detection during startup

In case JoyToKey is started when no controller is connected, JoyToKey tries to automatically detect devices until one controller is connected.

But some users may want to continue the auto detection until two controllers are connected, or some users may want to disable this auto detection completely.

From this version, you can change the behaviour by changing the following line in “JoyToKey.ini” file.

# in case you want to continue the auto-detection until two devices

# in case you want to disable the auto-detection

NOTE: Repeated auto-detection of devices while playing the game may lead to a slight delay or input lag occasionally. So this auto detection should be only used for the number of devices which are always connected.

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