Registration key and configurations are not saved properly after PC is restarted

Firstly, right after changing the configuration or entering the registration key, try to exit from JoyToKey once and restart JoyToKey.

If that does not help, there may be some permission issue for the folder you installed “JoyToKey.exe”.

By default, configuration files are saved in the same folder as “JoyToKey.exe”, and it must be write-able. Please follow the steps below and double check that folders and configuration files are NOT marked as read-only.

  1. Please open the installed folder in the Explorer. (You can easily do so from JoyToKey menu: “File -> open file folder in Explorer”)
  2. Check if there exists a file named “JoyToKey.ini”
    • If “JoyToKey.ini” exists, right-click the file to open the context menu and select “Property”
    • Make sure the file is NOT marked as read-only
  3. If “JoyToKey.ini” file doesn’t exist, the folder is likely to be write protected
  4. Pleae go to the parent folder, and right-click the installed folder to open the “Property” from a context menu
  5. Make sure the folder is NOT marked as “read-only”

For advanced users: Alternatively, you can also store the configuration in common AppData folder, so that you can share the configuration file across multiple users, or to launch JoyToKey.exe from a read-only folder. In order to do that, create an empty file “JoyToKey.ini” in a common AppData folder (e.g. “C:\ProgramData\JoyToKey\JoyToKey.ini”), and you can save/load the configuration files in that folder going forward.

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