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[Tips] Configure up to 50 joysticks and 128 buttons!

Surprisingly, there are demands from users who want to configure a huge number of buttons joysticks in JoyToKey like 128 buttons! So here comes the new beta version, which allows the configuration up [...]

[Tips] Support for assigning multi-media keys such as volume control

Version 6.0 supported additional key code emulations such as * volume control * media control (prev, next, play, stop) * SCROLL LOCK Version 6.0 also changed the key emulation code for arrow keys, R-A[...]

How to emulate a key input with a CTRL (or ALT) key held down?

If you want to emulate a key input while Ctrl (or Alt or Shift) key is held down, please assign Ctrl (or Alt or Shift) at the top most box, and the other key at the box below. For example, “Ctrl[...]

Button assignment for a certain key doesn’t work (such as ALT, CTRL key)

You may find that JoyToKey works well for most cases, but the key emulation somehow doesn’t work for a certain key such as ALT or CTRL or arrow keys. In Windows, there exist a few different key [...]
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