Download Beta Version (under development)


In this page, you can download the latest beta version which is currently under development for the future release.

However, please be aware and understand the following caveats.

  • New functionalities in a beta version might be changed at any time without backward compatibility. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to install the beta version in a new folder instead of overwriting the existing folder.
  • There might exist more bugs in the beta version than the official release. (If you find one, it'll be greatly appreciated if you could report it to the author)
  • Beta version might be identical to the last official release, when there is no active beta build
This product comes with no warranty. Please use it at your own risk. The author takes no responsibilities of any sort related to the use of this product.

How to Install

Download "" from the links below, unzip it into some folder, and then, execute JoyToKey.exe. In case you have an older version of JoyToKey, it is strongly recommended to take a copy of that folder and install the beta version in the newly copied folder.

NOTE: Some security software may show a warning when you execute a beta version of JoyToKey.exe, but you can safely ignore it. (If you are worried about the warning, you should download the official release from CNET or Softpeda where the binary is supposed to be checked against computer virus before distribution)

Download the Beta Version

Download JoyToKey Beta Version (under development)

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